Introducing Tribe Mafia: The Next upcoming artist

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Hip Hop - Rap group based in the heart of Austin Texas

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Indie Nation has provided upcoming artist like ourselves with many opportunities and resources to become successful. Rap music is constantly evolving, you must stay consistent on creating your own wave and supporting others. We welcome all supporters to be apart of the "Teepee" Gang & Indie Nation family 

Trust Your Process


After several years of testing new sounds and new ideas, it is fare to say that the group is now finally hitting their apex. Each project that has been made are fun to perform and listen to. 

Be Inspired by Everything


As an upcoming artist, it is key to remain humble and to never stop believing in yourself, and trust your process. We started off recording in the bathroom with an iPhone 4 and had to get everything down perfect in one take. Whatever you have to do to start, do that and keep evolving.I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music that best represent myself and my generation. I love the new approach of rap music and where it has taken us thus far.


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